An additional miracle

Noticed the infrequent, irregular, and short posts of late? The past three months or so, to be exact? There’s a reason for that.

God has a sense of humor, or at least, likes to show us that He truly is in control.

Little did I know it, but when I published “Things you don’t say to couples with few or no kids,” I was already growing a new life inside of me! Our 1.5 year struggle to conceive Pumpkin was a trying one–and short in comparison to many couples that I know. It involved research, doctors’ visits, specialists, diets, and surgery. The day we got our positive pregnancy test is one of the best and most memorable in my life.

I never expected we’d be blessed with another only 2.5 years younger than Pumpkin. To both The Hunter and I, that seems like a very close age range. Neither of us have any siblings closer than 3 years apart (and two of my sisters are 7 years apart…). Subfertility is no stranger to either of our families. Now, if #2 turns out to be a boy (and given the differing symptoms from my first pregnancy, The Hunter is sure junior is on the way), we might start getting comments about whether we’re done… I certainly hope not!

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my own journey and from the stories that people have shared with me since writing my post about those struggles, it’s that God has a unique plan and a unique set of blessings and crosses for each and every person, couple, and family. We’ll embrace and welcome each new life He gives us for however long we are given these children.

And I can’t find a picture to go with this post! I have a small bump, so perhaps at some later point, you’ll see some maternity pictures. I’ve also been pinning like mad on my secret board about announcements, gender reveals, and introducing baby to big sister. So far, Pumpkin is already sharing her toys with my belly, so we’re off to a good start.


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