Gender reveal and baby names

Our Pumpkin had her second birthday last month, and it just so happened that we were able to see our Baby #2 on Pumpkin’s birthday.

The following weekend, we had a birthday party, and Pumpkin got to unwrap a big box of…

Pumpkin's birthday present--pink balloons because a little sister is on the way!

Pumpkin’s birthday present–pink balloons because a little sister is on the way!

…pink balloons!

With both of our pregnancies, we’ve found out the gender of our little one at 19 weeks. I’ve heard that the surprise at birth is amazing, but I love the surprise at 19 weeks.

Why do we find out early?

One reason is the help in preparation… Such a relief this time around to know that all the pink clothes from the first time can be handed down to the next baby!

But, beyond a doubt, the biggest and best reason in finding out our baby’s gender during pregnancy is that we avoid referring to our baby as “it.” Not only can we call Baby, “her,” but we also start calling her by name and tell everyone what her name is.

We’ll still be surprised at birth when we get to see our little girl for the first time, but for now, we have a little idea about who she is–and we can’t wait to meet her!

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