MrsF3MrsF3 is a young wife and mother blessed with a handsome husband and three sweet and creative daughters all with amazing brown eyes. 

Learning is life and homeschooling in the F3 home is simply a matter of exploring wherever our curiosity leads. 

Besides living a vocation as wife and mother, she has a passion for music and reading, enjoys having dogs, and dreams of having an acreage where she and The Hunter and as many little ‘uns as God gives them can grow their own food and enjoy God’s great outdoors.

The Hunter is the faithful provider of the family–and has a passion for hunting, particularly waterfowl hunting. He looks forward to the day when the little ones can go out hunting with him!

Pumpkin is the first-born child, a daughter, and the love and joy of the home. Both MrsF3 and The Hunter learn most from teaching and watching Pumpkin learn about the world and our Faith.

Peanut is another little girl, blonde instead of brunette and amazingly unique. God is endlessly creative. This girl is sweethearted and great at communicating, she started using full sentences at age 2 or before!

Peach is a third daughter who is tiny but amazing in her own way already. She has a lot of love from her two big sisters and a lot of discoveries to make!


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