Properly caring and feeding my husband: 4 years later

When we got married, a couple with about 25 years head start on us gave us a couple books that they thought every married couple should have. One was by Dave Ramsey on financial freedom, and the other, geared toward the wife, was The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands
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photo credit: Rosmary, via flickr

photo credit: Rosmary, via flickr


I read the book that fall when The Hunter would be busy with work or school (or hunting), and now, almost four years later, there are things from Dr. Laura’s book that I remember and try to apply in my interactions with my husband. The book is an enjoyable read, full of anecdotes from Dr. Laura’s years of radio shows, call-ins, and letters. It also is not for all marriages (it does not apply to abusive marriages), but for many of us women, raised in today’s world of selfishness and materialism, it is a reminder of how we can be grateful for the love of a good man.

So, here are a few tips thanks to The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands

1. He’s at work because he loves you. Yep, it’s not like he wants to be at work all day and into the night. He would rather be with you and the kids and the dogs. So, when you complain that he’s gone all the time, how can he respond? He’s at work to provide for you, because he loves you, but when you’re sad, he wants to be home and help you! What a quandary.

I do miss my husband when he’s at work, and when he’s at the office late, I let him know that I’m tired and need him home… But thanks to Dr. Laura, I remember to add a “thank you,” and let him know that I know he’s being faithful to work because he’s our provider.

2. He won’t always do chores right. By reading Dr. Laura’s book, I heard stories about men who wanted to help with chores at home (dishes, laundry, etc.), but who’s wives would be upset because they weren’t done right. Those men in the stories would then give up and go back to watching tv since they couldn’t make their wives happy by helping.

Not to say I don’t get frustrated when the cupboard doors are left hanging open, dishes incorrectly placed, or counters dirty, but at least I have the reminder tucked in my head that tells me to thank The Hunter for his help (and ask him if, next time, he could please close the cupboard doors when finished–four years later, he’s getting better!).

Those might not be all that I took away from Dr. Laura’s book, but they are daily a part of my marriage, and I think they help my attitude and happiness as well as his!

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