An overwhelming response

In just 24 hours since writing my¬†Things you don’t say to a couple with few or no kids, it’s been shared over and over and viewed many times. Although I knew that there were others who had experienced these hurtful comments and “looks” and the longing for children, I had no idea that it would resonate with so many people.

Thank you for your positive response. The questions that I listed are some that I have overheard, some spoken to me, some spoken to my friends, and some were spoken to my own parents.

Your comments and stories are appreciated. Thank you for sharing–we know we are not alone in this trial we bear.

We long for children; we stay away from the temptation to try IVF and surrogacy; and ultimately, we must learn to “be mothers” in whatever way we discover that God had in mind all the time: mothers to one or two children, mothers to adopted children, and mothers to those we serve through work, volunteering, and at church.

St. Josemaria Escriva has a quote for us:

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