Ordination weekend as a mother

Many of our friends were ordained to the diaconate or the priesthood this weekend. We attended a holy hour one night, a 2-hour diaconate ordination the next night, a 2.5 hour priestly ordination the following morning, and today, we’re driving an hour to the first Mass of one of our newly-ordained friends.

Here are some reflections from this marathon weekend:

1. Vocations all mean faithfulness and chastity.
This would be my only deep thought from the weekend. During the Holy Hour for the ordinandi, I realize that the modern world is in shock that young, virile men make a lifelong vow of celibacy. But in the same way, faithful married couples are also flying in the face of our modern culture. Whatever our vocation, we are all called to the same level of commitment to God, to faithfulness, and to chastity.

2. Toddler’s have short attention spans
Oh yeah, what a deep reflection… I may have known this, but having Pumpkin at every event this weekend has made me realize that my quiet prayer time in church might be on hold for a few years.

3. Distractions in church
I constantly tried to shush or keep Pumpkin still–I was worried what a distraction she was to those around us. Probably, I was the only one totally distracted. Others, laity and priests, only had good things to say about her presence there.

4. Praying with the toddler
In the end, I realize, even though I don’t have quiet prayer time during Mass (and what beautiful, prayerful Masses they were!), this is how I am called to pray. Teaching my little one to pray.

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Deacons ordained this weekend.

Deacons ordained this weekend.