Ways I should save money

We do alright as far as money spending (or not spending) goes. We don’t have any debt aside from the mortgage, and we make do on an income a bit on the lower end.

Here’s some ways I could do better:

1. Thrift stores
Why am I not shopping at thrift stores more? I wear my clothes until they almost wear out, and then I go shopping at a full price retail store. I can only afford a couple new outfits at that rate, and so I spend a lot and only come away with a little.

2. Fewer technological gadgets
As I type this on my iPhone, I realize I could save quite a bit if I’d just go back to a basic phone and perhaps not pay for internet. Every library and coffee shop has free wifi now, so I couldn’t certainly save in that way. (I probably won’t give up my iPhone and Internet, but I know it would be good…)

3. Sell a car
We already drive cars older than my 13 year old sister, but why pay for gas, registration, and insurance on two when we could just rearrange our errand running and work with one car? This is something we’re going to try.

4. Don’t care
Yep, just don’t care what other people think. We don’t have fancy new things, new clothes, or new cars, but we live like kings in our little (810 sq. ft.) house with the dogs and Pumpkin. We’re happy, and we only need each other.

(Image via 401kcalculator.org)

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